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Mastectomy Services List
NEW! Come See The New Family O&P Non-Surgically Reconstructed Breast Prosthesis Now Available At ALL Family O&P Locations!

Revolutionary in size, weight, natural appearance and price. 50% lighter than others on the market, the contour of the custom breast prosthesis is designed to fit your body and lifestyle. A duplicate of your existing breast, this custom breast prosthesis can be worn with or without normal undergarments. (Also available in non-custom forms)

Features Include:

  • The custom breast prosthesis is an alternative to non-surgical breast reconstruction
  • Customized to imitate existing breast and nipple size and color
  • 50% lighter than other prostheses on the market
  • Breathable and Waterproof
  • Patient can wear her choice of bras and swimsuits
  • 21 Skin tones and nipple tones to match
  • Patient can regain her active lifestyle. Golf, swimming, tennis, running, etc.
  • Adheres to the skin and is so lightweight, it can be worn without a bra
Mastectomy Services

We know thay after breast surgery you have many important decisions to make.

We're here to help inform you and provide you with non-surgical options to restore your balance and symmetry.

We at Family Orthotics & Prosthetics take pride in providing you with the best possible care after your breast surgery
We Proudly Offer:
  • Trained, experienced, certified fitters
  • Mastectomy bras from many different companies for every activity
  • A wide selection of breast forms to help you achieve a balanced and symmetrical appearance
  • Offices in Kearney and Lincoln
  • Serving Omaha and Southeast Nebraska with in-home visits
  • We accept many different insurance companies and will assist with information and claims
Also Offering:

Radiant Impressions Custom Breast Prosthesis


  • Every detail sculpted for a one of a kind custom fit
  • Custom made to match each womans unique contours, shape and profile
  • Proven custom casting process captures all the details of each womans breast and chest wall
  • Made to be worn against the chest wall and can be worn with your favorite non mastectomy bras.
  • Covered by many insurance companies


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