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Spinal Orthoses

We have worked with hundreds of patients over the years and have found that the custom orthosis -versus the off the shelf variety many are accustomed to-  is far superior for our patients. However, if the need is short term and the condition treatable with an off the shelf orthosis, a less expensive and easy to use device will be fit.

Conditions Most Often Treated With Spinal Orthoses

-Scoliosis (Curvature)

-Spinal Trauma (Fractures)

-Spinal Stenosis (Narrowing of Canal)

-Spinal Disk Herniation

-Low Back Pain due to Pregnancy

-Low Back Pain due to Strain





Spinal Orthoses Products                                       

Family O&P provides a wide range of spinal orthoses for a variety of pathologies. Whether the pathology is short or long term, chronic or acute, known or unknown, we will have the orthosis that is right for you.  

The attached images were provided courtesy of Spinal Technology at and demonstrate the basic styles that are currently available. We also use Orthomerica and Boston Brace to fabricate custom orthoses. See and for more details.






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