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STARscanner, STARband Cranial Helmets Making a Difference in the Lives of
Lexington infant benefits from cutting-edge technology

    KEARNEY, Neb., March 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Born at 25 weeks and weighing less
than two pounds, Carson Holbein had a rough start in life.  After spending 101
days in ICU and having a shunt put in his head, Carson was diagnosed with
scaphycephaly -- long, narrow head shape caused by continually lying in one
    Carson was referred by his pediatrician to specialists of cranial
remolding orthoses, plastic helmets used to gently reshape the baby's head.
    Ken Vyvlecka, CO, of Family Orthotics and Prosthetics, recently evaluated
Carson. Vyvlecka's clinic uses the Orthomerica STARscanner system and has the
only STARscanner in Nebraska. A revolutionary eye-safe laser system that scans
a child's head in under two seconds and provides detailed measurements,
STARscanner is faster, cleaner and more precise than traditional plaster
casting. Measurements can be easily procured to ensure the best fit of the
cranial orthosis before, during and after treatment.
    "Treatment is most effective if begun at three months of age, as only
minimal correction is possible the older the child becomes," noted Vyvlecka.
"Not treating the child can result in a misshaped head, facial scoliosis, and
possible ear, eye, and jaw discord."
    After Carson was fit with Orthomerica's STARlight helmet, his mother, Amy,
was pleased at how simple helmet treatment was and how well Carson tolerated
    "You want to do everything you can for your kids to help them, and this
helmet and treatment have been so easy," she said. "He easily adapted, and
we've seen great improvement."
    About Family Orthotics and Prosthetics
    Established in Kearney, Nebraska in October 2000, Family Orthotics and
Prosthetics has an additional office in Lincoln, and routinely sees patients
at clinic locations in O'Neill, McCook and North Platte.  Traveling over
22,000 miles last year within the state of Nebraska, Family Orthotic and
Prosthetics clinicians brought quality care closer to home for many of its
patients. Visit www.familyop.com or call 866.338.3550 for more information.
    About STARband
    The STARband is a custom-made cranial remolding orthosis manufactured
based on a baby's unique head shape. The headband is worn 23 hours a day,
channeling head growth by applying gentle pressure on protruding areas while
leaving room for growth in depressed ones. The interior is modified often to
account for changes. Head shape problems are not life threatening and are
correctable if treated by 18 months.
    About STARscanner
    Following diagnosis, treatment begins by taking a precise laser scan.
Formerly, impressions required a plaster casting of the head -- a 15-30 minute
traumatic, messy process. Orthomerica's STARscanner uses non-contact laser
scanning technology to obtain precise measurements in 1.5 seconds and capture
3-D measurements accurate within 0.5 mm.  Treatment is most effective and
positive outcomes are achieved when measurements and changes in the child's
cranium are accurately monitored and the headband modified to affect positive
change.  For more information visit www.orthomerica.com.
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